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NATO-Ukraine Action Plan:: back to 2002

NATO-Ukraine Action Plan

This Action Plan was created pursuant to the decision of the NATO-Ukraine Commission to deepen and broaden the NATO-Ukraine relationship, and reflects Ukraine’s Strategy on Relations with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). It builds upon the Charter on a Distinctive Partnership, signed in Madrid on 9 July 1997, which remains the basic foundation of the NATO-Ukraine relationship.

Economic issues, principles

The principles of the consolidation of the market economy and OECD economic standards, the safeguarding of economic freedoms, stability and well-being through economic liberty, social justice and a responsible attitude towards the environment are crucial for the development of the Ukrainian economy.In pursuit of its strategic goal of full integration into the Euro-Atlantic security structures, Ukraine is committed to adapting its internal legislation to Euro-Atlantic norms and practices.Ukraine will continue to strive for sustainable economic growth and a substantial rise in general living standards.

A key element of Ukraine’s economic strategy is to ensure the economy's openness in conformity with World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) standards. This will promote the economic security of the state and ensure the closer coordination of domestic and foreign economic policies of the State.Ukraine’s foreign economic priority is full integration into the world's economic space, and the deepening of its international economic cooperation.


I.2.1 promote sustained economic growth, including promotion of the structural transformation of the economy to maintain a stable growth of annual GDP, low inflation, real income growth and limited budget deficit;
I.2.2 introduce a moratorium for initiation of draft laws on tax concessions;
I.2.3 meet necessary conditions to enable accession to the WTO;
I.2.4 promote economic cooperation between Ukraine and NATO and Partner countries;
I.2.5 undertake reforms in Defence Economics, to further Ukraine’s goal of integration into Euro-Atlantic structures;
I.2.6 create an institutional environment that stimulates business activities, economic growth based on structural/innovative transformations, the establishment of modern social infrastructures and mechanisms of the social/market economy, while maintaining an adequate social safety net;
I.2.7 implement economic and structural reforms, taking into consideration recommendations of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other international institutions, including actions to advance privatisation, combat corruption, and increase transparency in government procurement;
I.2.8 enhance the process of land reform;
I.2.9 guarantee the economic rights and freedoms of citizens in all forms, inter alia, by strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights;
I.2.10 create the necessary preconditions for the establishment of a middle class;
I.2.11 limit the gap in real incomes between high and low income population, and strive towards the elimination of poverty;
I.2.12 improve security of its energy supply.

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