середа, 9 червня 2010 р.

Ukrainians Military Examine JMRC Blueprints

A Ukrainian military delegation recently visited the Joint Multinational Readiness Center for a military-to-military exchange, looking for ideas to help modernize their country's own armed forces.

Hosted by the Vampire Fire Support Observer Controller Trainer Team, six members of the Ukrainian Landforces spent two days talking with military training planners and touring training facilities at JMRC.

Ukraine participates in the NATO's Partnership for Peace Planning and Review Process (PARP), which jointly develops goals for shaping force structure and capabilities to help countries like the Ukraine meet their objectives for interoperability with the Alliance.

The Ukrainian military leaders said their country continues to strive towards forming a modern armed force that will meet all the necessary European standards in military training, efficiency, equipment and protection. The modernization also will enhance the country's military interoperability with NATO forces for joint participation in NATO-led operations, military leaders said.

NATO mainly improves its Partner countries' military interoperability and quality through its Planning and Review Process (PARP), which bears resemblance to NATO's own force planning process.

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