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Poland’s Development Co-operation Programme in 2011

In 2011, the MFA will support Ukraine's activity in the framework of the Eastern Partnership. Emphasis will be placed on fulfilling the country's European aspirations, understood as modernisation efforts and the alignment of different areas of social and economic life with European standards.
Aid sectors:

good governance, in particular: counteracting and fighting corruption, initiatives aimed at harmonizing domestic law with EU law (in the area of the judiciary system, customs and border services, laws on land mobility and cadastre), reform of the pension system, management of urban areas with regard to municipal services, and other initiatives implemented in the EaP framework;

migration and border management, in particular: actions facilitating border traffic and counteracting illegal migration;

rural and agricultural development, in particular: support for agricultural advisory services, empowering local communities to improve the quality of rural life;

small and medium enterprises, in particular: increasing energy efficiency and waste treatment, empowering umbrella associations for small and medium enterprises.

Key projects:  Our analysis of past development co-operation projects in Ukraine suggests that promoting energy conservation measures can become one of Poland's most visible and prospective "niches" in Ukrainian development co-operation, especially in the area of municipal service management.


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