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EAPN::: Call for an EU decade of action to fight Poverty, Social Exclusion and Inequality

At the end of the 2010 EU Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, EAPN calls for an EU decade of action to fight poverty, social exclusion and inequalities, as a follow up to the agreement of an EU target to reduce poverty by at least 20 million by 2020. With this statement, EAPN makes a first assessment of what has been achieved in the 2010 Year and what is still needed to ensure a decisive step towards the eradication of poverty, social exclusion and inequalities.

EAPN expresses its appreciation of the efforts of all people experiencing poverty and the NGOs in which they participate, who, despite their precarious situations and their day to day struggles for survival, have invested energy and time in the numerous activities of the Year. Their active participation in events, bringing their experience and analysis to the solutions needed, has been crucial to the success of the Year. However the real test of the success of the 2010 Year must be whether it has contributed to a real improvement in the lives of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion.

We also want to acknowledge the many other stakeholders with whom we have worked in alliances this year, in particular the EY2010 NGO Coalition, the Social Platform, Spring Alliance, trade unions, regional and local governments, academics, EU and National Authorities, as well as individuals working in local communities, who have shown their solidarity and worked together to make a success of the 2010 Year. The Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies have also played a key role in relation to the achievements of the Year. We appeal to all to continue and strengthen these alliances to ensure delivery on the legacy from the Year.


The National Reform Programmes under the Europe 2020 Strategy must build on the ‘Platform against Poverty’ and ensure that all policies and programmes contribute to the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequality. As poverty is a multi dimensional issue, concrete measures and actions are needed across a whole spectrum of areas including: effective regulation of markets and fiscal systems, health, education and housing policies which ensure accessibility and affordability. Economic and employment policies must also aim at reducing poverty and inequalities and ensure a sustainable exit from the crisis which promotes prosperity and well being for all.

The close of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion should also be a new beginning. We call on the leaders of EU Institutions and Member State Governments to provide political leadership to go beyond narrow economic interests and to deliver a truly Social Europe. We urge all people to join in this decade of action to eradicate poverty, social exclusion and reduce inequalities.

Fighting poverty is everybody’s business and in everybody’s interest.

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