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Potential investors from abroad and representatives of diplomatic missions of the United States, China, Europe, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries spoke very positively about the potential of the Kherson region and its investment attractiveness. Potential investors expressed interest in developing their business in this region of Ukraine during the 5th annual International Investment Forum ‘Tavria horizons: cooperation, investments, economic development,’ which held in September 23-24 in the Kherson region in New Kakhovka city. 

This year at work of the Forum participated about 350 representatives of enterprises, companies, local authorities from Ukraine and from abroad. Among the participants of the Forum – representatives of companies and diplomatic offices from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, UK, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Hungary, India, China and Canada. One of the most numerous is the delegation from Saudi Arabia, headed by His Highness Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Sultan Bin Abdurakhman Al-Suldari.

According to his words, it is his first meeting with the Kherson region, but not the last. ‘This visit caused a feeling of respect and love to Ukraine, - he commented. - We have found many friends since our appearance here. We are sure that this visit is not the last, though it first.’ 

Being in the Kherson region, Prince expressed his interest in the development of the project ‘Intermedicalecocity’ (rehabilitation clinic of Professor Vladimir Kozyavkin) on Arabatskaya Strelka.
‘They (the Arab countries - auth.) have a problem with the health of children, including cerebral palsy,’ - commented the Governor of the Kherson region Nikolay Kostyak. 

As it became known, the Saudi Prince with the suite after the Forum went to Arabatskaya Strelka to see the hospital that is constructed, and even wanted to stay to have rest on the Azov coast, breaking specially brought a traditional Bedouin tent. 

As it was reported previously, LLC ‘International Clinic of Rehabilitation’ (Truskavets in the Lvov region.) of the Professor Vladimir Kozyavkin seeks strategic investor for the construction of the clinic in Arabatskaya Strelka (in the area of the Kherson reg.) worth almost 900 million euros. 

No less positive assessment of the investment climate of Kherson came from the Turkish side.‘We have very good political relations with Ukraine, which are well developed. In Ankara will be considered investment question soon, as well as removal of visas between Ukraine and Turkey. But we, as neighbours, would like to see our relationships evolve into a more active way. Attractiveness of Kherson for Turkish investors is very high. However, representation of the Turkish capital is still low here. In particular, many strong Turkish companies have not decided to invest in the Kherson region. And all this, I think, because that there are stereotypes about Ukraine, about the high level of corruption’ - said the General Consul of Turkey in Odessa Hussein Ergany. 

In turn, representative of the Lithuanian embassy said about the Forum just like this: I feel myself here as in the ‘small Davos,’ - very powerful and democratically.’ Representatives of diplomatic missions of other countries and companies from the USA, China, Europe, and Japan agreed with that assessment. 

According to the organizers of the Forum in New Kakhovka, its holding is a loud statement about the public start of a large-scale campaign by the rapid reform of the entire socio-economic sphere of the Kherson region. It seems that the organizers have succeeded. For many foreign visitors Ukraine in general and the Kherson region particularly were opened in a new way. Within the Forum the management of the region discussed with potential investors the following directions: Agribusiness and processing,’ ‘Industry, transport, alternative energy and energy saving,’ ‘Tourism and recreation’ and ‘Inter-regional development.’

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