середа, 11 січня 2012 р.

UKRAINE joins UN International Year of Cooperatives 2012

Co-operative enterprises are businesses done by their members, for their members and to their members. Simply put, co-operative enterprises are good for everyone.Yet, in spite of the current global social and economical challenges, the role of co-operatives has been overlooked. In response to this, co-operatives set out to give a wake-up call once with the start of the new year.

On the 12th of January 2012 we want to unite our voices and mark the start of the International Year of Cooperatives. Only by co-operating we can be more powerful and achieve our goals. Only by being together we can change the future. So join us on 12th January and let everyone know that the International Year of Cooperatives has started.

We encourage you to join us in celebrating the global co-operative movement and mark the start of the Year on 12 January. There are plenty of simple ways to celebrate the start of the Year. It can be putting up an International Year poster, handing out stickers to your customers, sending a press release to your local media, writing a blog, making a tweet or having a co-operative lunch with your colleagues, friends and family. Sharing the news with everybody is essential!

Together with some of our members we at Cooperatives Europe are collecting some news and information which can feed your communication activities. Please, get in touch with us to receive them or to share your ideas with us.

Co-operatives all over Europe and across the world will be marking the start of the Year in their own ways for 12 January. We will keep you updated but feel free to follow our twitter account too!
So why not join with the global movement on 12 January and celebrate the start of 2012?

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