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Welcome to FWW Ukraine Page - Ukraine The Future We Want Agenda

The Future We Want (FWW) is a global initiative to envision what we want our lives and communities to be like 20 years from now. European Choice become volonteering partner for communicating and and rise regional awareness in selected regions (Uzhgorod, Doneck, Herson, Vinnica, Kremecnhug, Kyiv)

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Gathering Promising Ideas
Using everything from modern technologies like the web and social media to traditional grassroots communication we intend to reach people on a worldwide scale. We will ask everyone, at every level of society, to submit their visions for a positive future. From solutions addressing poverty and injustice to strategies for creating sustainable and environmentally responsible communities, we will gather ideas internationally. But we won't stop here.

Bringing the Ideas to Life at Rio+20 With the assistance of the UN, we will make these ideas visible to the public and influencers beginning with the Rio+20 Conference next June. In the months that follow Rio, we'll continue presenting your ideas to critical people and organizations.

Sharing the Vision with the World Our aim is to gather potential solutions about our future and then deliver them to those who can analyze and pursue them. We know that the way to actually build a better future to move from ideas to real solutions takes action. Action that begins with your help.

European Choice NGO
Dmitriy Velichko
2030 Campaign Leader

FWW Campaign Website - http://www.futurewewant.org/ 

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