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Thank you to our friends from Startegy Resource Partners (LONDON) for sharing this interesting study.  Strategy Resource Partners concentrates on competitive strategy.  SRP help successful organisations, working on the linkage between a firm's market presence, its cost structure and its success. SRP are based in London, with associates across the world.

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"The EU must think creatively to find a way to move beyond this impasse. It should better define
conditionality in the three key areas of selective prosecutions, the conduct of elections and “reform”. It should apply the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine that have been on hold since last December, if necessary selectively or provisionally, but take a tougher line in other areas, for example by imposing a visa ban on leading figures in the regime and auditing suspect “family” companies in the EU. At the same time, the EU should liberalise visas, encourage educational exchanges and support the emergence of new independent actors in Ukraine who are worried by the rise of the “family”." - Andrew Wilson

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